Sunday, November 10, 2013

Three Guidelines for Spotting A Chanel Handbag Knock-Off

Chanel Classic Flap Bag Tan
Chanel Classic Flap Bag, Tan
It's a symbol of status and fashion forwardness for women -- the Chanel bag. However, the price of something as beautiful and classic as the Chanel bag may be a bit too much for some ladies to swallow. This makes them vulnerable to individuals who are selling low-priced Chanel handbags which are counterfeits all along. The best way to keep yourself from being duped into buying fake Chanel handbags is by knowing how to tell apart the hot from the not.

The Material

The first telling sign that you have gotten a fake on your hands is when the Chanel handbag is made using low quality material. Chanel handbags are synonymous with luxury and it is only normal for these handbags to be made using lambskin and caviar leather among other materials. Fake, PVC-made Chanel handbags feel extremely different compared to the authentic handbags. Of course, the first-class Chanel bags, which are made with the most elegant skins, aren't meant to be plastic foil wrapped. Individuals who insist on selling authentic Chanel handbags which are unwrapped are really peddling fakes.

The Stitching

A company and fashion powerhouse like Chanel takes pride in meticulous stitching techniques. Chanel handbags are known to be sewn using diamond or square stitching techniques. On top of that, the stitching should be continuous and without any kind of mistake. Impeccable construction is something which Chanel puts premium on. On the other hand, knock-offs aren't known for following these strict guidelines. Even if the fake handbag is made using material that mimics the real thing, you can more or less uncover which is the fake and which is the real thing by taking a look at the stitching in the interior of the bag as well as pockets and flaps.

The Hardware

Chanel handbags are also known for the hardware that is part of the bag. However, there are only two metallic materials which Chanel handbags are made using -- silver and, very rarely, gold. These little details can be the very obvious red warning signs which can totally give away a knock-off. Inspect the hardware and check if they look dubious or cheap. The zipper should close and open easily and, if found in the interior, matches the inner lining of the bag. At the same time, the chain strap should also match the clasp and the rest of the hardware on the exterior of the bag.

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